Who selects the flowers?
We do! Flower Folk will choose the best seasonal flowers available for each delivery day. By offering one unique bouquet daily, we are able to cut down on waste, which is better for our environment and your wallet. Each morning we will reveal our 'bouquet of the day' on our social media accounts and website.
Where do you deliver?
At this time, we deliver within Santa Barbara.
At what time can I expect my flowers to be delivered?
We send out our deliveries between 1:00 pm and 5:30 pm. We are not able to accommodate morning deliveries at this time. If you have a specific afternoon delivery time, we will do our best to deliver within that time range. Please include these instructions in the special instructions section at checkout.
How do I care for my flowers?
  1. With pruners or sharp scissors, cut off half an inch to one inch of the bottom of the stems and place them in clean water as soon as possible.
  2. Pull off any foliage that is below the water line to avoid bacterial growth.
  3. Place your flowers in a vase that is appropriate for the size of that day’s flowers.
  4. Keep out of bright sunlight and away from a heat source.
  5. Ideally, recut and change the water every two days for longest lasting blooms.
  6. Compost your flowers when you are finished.
What if nobody is home to receive the flowers?
We will do our best to find a shady and protected area to leave the flowers and a tag on your door to confirm the delivery. We will also leave the flowers in a recyclable carton so they are waiting in water. If there are any special delivery instructions like gate codes, apartment numbers, etc., please include these in the special instructions section at checkout. ****Please always include the recipient's phone number so we can assure a successful delivery.
Do you offer flower subscriptions?
Yes! We offer weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly deliveries. Your card will be charged each time your flowers are sent out for delivery. We need at least a day’s notice to start a new subscription.
What if my subscription flowers are scheduled to be delivered on a public holiday, such as New Year's or Thanksgiving, when Flower Folk is closed or I am away from home?
Flower Folk is a small family-run business that sometimes takes holidays, too! We always send out notifications in advance if we will be closed during regular business days. If your subscription delivery lands on a day we are closed, we will fulfill the order the same day the next week. If you are away from home or need a break, you can turn your subscription on and off with a simple click. 
What will the flowers look like?
We prefer a fresh-from-the-garden look and are always looking for growers with new and unique blooms and foliage. It is important to Flower Folk that all of our flowers are California-grown and that our packaging is easily recyclable and compostable.
What days do you deliver?
We deliver Monday through Friday except on public holidays. We will have weekend deliveries for certain holidays such as Mother’s Day etc. and will notify our customers of those holidays in advance.
Can I include a message?
Yes! Each message is handwritten and attached securely to the bouquet. Please be sure to include your message in the special instructions at checkout.
Is there a cut-off time for same-day deliveries?
Yes. We will typically stop taking orders at 12:00 pm or until we sell out of that day’s blooms.
Can I order in advance?
Yes. You can pre-order for any future date on the website. Please include your desired order date in the special instructions at checkout.


How do I care for my air plants?

  1. Air plants are happy in brightly-lit rooms, but should never be placed in direct sunlight.
  2. Water your air plant once a week and adjust if necessary. Be consistent with watering and always err on the side of under watering. Overwatering can cause rot which will kill your air plant. Watering needs will vary based on the environment, such as light, air flow, and humidity. For example, if your air plant is in a darker space, it won’t need as much water. However, if it is in a brightly-lit, air-conditioned space, it will need more water.
  3. If possible, water with a spray bottle of filtered water. Place your air plant in the sink or counter, spray lightly on all sides, and allow to dry completely. Don’t let your air plant sit in a puddle of water.
  4. Lastly, understand the needs of your specific air plant. Green air plant varieties are typically indigenous to tropical climates and can tolerate low light and more water. White air plant varieties are indigenous to more arid climates and prefer more light and less water. Don’t worry, we’ll specify which variety you have on the purchase page!
What if my question hasn’t been answered?
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at info@flowerfolksb.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please avoid sending time-sensitive questions or comments through Instagram.